RICCARDO PADOVAN, Chartered Accountant

Riccardo PADOVAN, Chartered Accountant and Auditor, is a founding partner of the firm, established in 2015.
After obtaining his degree in Economics and Commerce from the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Riccardo worked with Studio Legale Tributario Fantozzi e Associati during the period 2007 – 2012 and with other leading Italian and international tax law firms.

Riccardo has consolidated experience in corporate and balance sheet consultancy, taxation, including international corporate taxation and individual taxation (including the analysis and in-depth analysis of the implications connected with the holding of foreign family assets, their possible transfer to future generations, as well as corporate reorganisations) and the management of relations with financial administrative offices and tax litigation.

Riccardo has therefore developed a large experience in the generational handover of financial assets and businesses, in order to ensure the business continuity of family businesses.

Riccardo is very active in assisting clients in the full understanding and utilization of the recent law provisions granting large benefits to non resident individual relocating their tax residence to Italy. This is done, also via numerical simulations, for both HNWI and emploeed and self employed individuals with respect to their foreign-sourced income.

Riccardo has been enrolled in the register of chartered accountants and accounting experts in Milan since 2010 and in the register of Italian auditors since 2011.