AeA_Logo_homeAeA Tax Law Studio Associato is a tax law firm in Milan. The partners come from the best Italian tax boutique firms.
AeA Tax Law specialises in wealth management tax advice for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), M&A, international tax matters, generational handover, inheritance planning and inheritance and gift taxes.
The Firm operates in Lombardy and Northern Italy working with family offices and financial managers.
The Firm also assists clients with the practical aspects relating to the holding and regularisation of foreign investments in the completion of Quadro RW, and with the assessment procedures regarding changes of residency.

Individual Taxation

AeA Tax Law has extensive experience in individual taxation with regard to financial and asset investments in Italy and abroad.  The Firm is an ideal contact for Private Banking and Wealth Planning operators.

Generational Handovers

AeA Tax Law works alongside entrepreneurs and their families to analyse tax and statutory opportunities to optimise the generational handover of companies and assets.

Changes of Residency

AeA Tax Law assists clients with the cross-border analysis in changes of residency in Italy and abroad. The Firm offers advice and assistance to New Residents relocating to Italy when applying for the flat-rate substitute tax regime for foreign-sourced.

International Taxation

AeA Tax Law works alongside its clients, both companies and individuals and uses its consolidated experience to tackle and resolve the issues of international taxation.

Dispute and pre-dispute taxation

AeA Tax Law acts for its clients in cases of tax litigation and in the pre-dispute stages, by also providing assistance in the numerical analysis by comparing risks-costs-benefits.

Corporate Taxation

AeA Tax Law assists entrepreneurs and their companies in common issues of corporate taxation as well as access to favourable tax regimes, e.g. for start-up companies, or for the Piano Nazionale Industria 4.0 (National Industry Plan).

M&A and other Extraordinary Transactions

AeA Tax Law advises on reorganizations, merger and acquisition transactions and other extraordinary transactions.

Evaluation of Shareholdings and Assets

AeA Tax Law assists clients in company, share and assets valuations, fairness opinions related to M&A transactions or company and family reorganisations.

Federico ANDREOLI,  lawyer, after more than 20 years of professional activity, founded AeA Tax Law to assist entrepreneurs and their families in finding solutions to domestic and cross border taxation issues.

Riccardo PADOVAN, chartered accountant and auditor, combines his knowledge of corporate issues and financial statements with his experience of tax matters.

Stefano OLIVA, LLM, chartered accountant and auditor, is expert in international taxation, M&A transactions and company reorganisations.

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