Generational Handovers

The generational handover of businesses represents a priority for the national entrepreneurial field, which is composed mainly of SMEs.  Only by ensuring the business continuity of family businesses is it possible to achieve growth in production and employment in our country.  AeA Tax Law has considerable expertise and is active in Milan in wealth planning, assisting families and entrepreneurs in making the necessary choices to ensure the continuity of their businesses and to preserve savings and family assets.

It is commonly known that the examination of the tax variable is fundamental in evaluating the transactions that can lead to the success of a company, and that only carefully considered choices, and not risky ones, can ensure the continuity of the company in the long term.  AeA Tax Law assists its clients in evaluating as correctly as possible all aspects related to family choices in the complex phase of family and business reorganization.

The success of a generational handover is without doubt linked not only to the correct identification of the business transfer operation, but also, and above all, to the choice of business model and to the stability of family and company governance.  AeA Tax Law assists entrepreneurs and Private Banking and Wealth Management operators in identifying and implementing durable and efficient control structures over time.

Available solutions always vary in accordance with the case in hand and the alternatives must be considered with professionalism, sensitivity and foresight.  To ensure governance, it may be necessary to use corporate forms governed by appropriate statutes; in other circumstances it can be preferable to anticipate transfers through donations or family agreements.  In any event, it is always necessary to draw up a detailed Will.

Most of the time implementing a mix of solutions is necessary, which take into account inheritance and gift taxes, and which find an ideal point of balance between the various legal bodies depending on the type of family assets, the size of shareholdings, the financial and real estate assets. Foreign investments require even greater expertise in also assessing foreign regulations, declaratory requirements (Quadro RW) and the need to avoid double taxation.

Inheritance planning requires various skills, to which the Partners of AeA Tax Law can respond. Thanks to the broad experience gained as a tax law firm in Milan, AeA Tax Law can assist clients in the choice of legal institutions to use in the organisation of the succession planning process, offering targeted and personalised tax advice.

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