Federico ANDREOLI founded AeA Tax Law in 2015, previously he spent 10 years with Studio Maisto e Associati and 8 years with Studio Di Tanno e Associati. He also worked at the IBFD in Amsterdam in 1995-1996.
Federico specialises in tax aspects related to personal investments (including cross-border investments), generational handover of family assets, issues of inheritance, corporate reorganisations and transactional flows between companies.
Taking ground his experience in the international tax matters the founding partner Federico Andreoli is co-author in the manual of international taxation and group of companies (Chapter 7 on “Interest”). The full-comprehensive was published in 2020 by Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre.

Federico has consolidated experience in litigation and pre-litigation proceedings, with particular regard to the regularisation of foreign assets.  For these issues Federico and AeA Tax Law have developed an approach which is not only theoretical and scientific, but is also purely practical and numerical, based on the concrete comparison between costs, risks and “benefits”.
Over the course of almost three decades of study and work, Federico has developed a great sensitivity to civil law issues related to inheritance and donations, and to matters of family governance also through simple partnerships and other civil law instruments.
Law 232/2016 which introduced into Italy the flat-rate taxation of EUR 100.000 for all foreign-sourced income, immediately saw Federico as protagonist both alongside the Firm’s HNWI clients and with various articles published in Il Sole 24 Ore.
Based on his considerable experience acquired, Federico is an ideal point of contact for Private Banking and Wealth Management professionals.